Kidney Health and Possible Disorders

Kidney that can function properly is one of the requirements to have a healthy body. Damaged kidneys can trigger the development of various other diseases and will affect the overall body condition. Kidney function in the human body is very important. The kidneys are tasked with filtering out excess wastes in the form of salt, urea, nitrogenous wastes from cell metabolic processes, and also poisons that can harm the body. Aside from being a filter, the kidneys also have other very important functions, namely: Balance the water content in the body.Regulate blood pressure.Regulates the production of red blood cells.Regulate the production and balance of acid-base (pH) in the body. There are still many other things that need to be considered and remembered well, about this important pair of bean-shaped organs and the size of a fist. Here are important facts about the kidneys that you need to know. Types of Kidney Disease Some common types of kidney disease are: Kidney stone disease …
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